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ihemyi®: Building Africa’s No 1 Online Sneakers Store.

The ihemyi team, having started this project since October 2019, wishes to sincerely thank everyone for patiently waiting. To all those who pointed out various ways to push it further, we appreciate your contributions immensely. Since ihemyi® is a brand with a value proposition of bringing happiness to individuals, households and businesses, we are working to deliver on that goal by giving customers the most affordable prices on any of the products we sell.
The ihemyi business model has been tested on a simulated and miniature environment and has proven to work efficiently. Most of our services are newly thought out innovative ideas on how to offer our customers the best shopping experience always. Our ‘Shop by Grade’ feature is designed to help streamline product offerings to suit each customer’s budget. This was designed in line with the offline shopping habit of customers, who buy items based on the quality and amount they can afford. This will ensure that ‘all customers get value for their money.’
With plans of being the ‘Best Place to buy Sneakers, Watches, Slides and Sandals in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Africa’, the ihemyi team has been working tirelessly to roll out across the key pilot cities, laying the ground work for an Africa wide spread to follow soon. This means that with time, we will become a household name, capable of ‘Clothing the Whole of Africa’.
With the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging nations across the globe, ihemyi® will be delaying its launch until nations begin to open up their borders again for business. As scientists and public health officials around the world are working hard to find a cure or vaccine, with some promising candidates already undergoing medical trials, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, and like everyone who can’t wait to start shopping on ihemyi®, we hope to launch and make our services available as soon as possible. Stay Safe!

Here is a link to our store : Ihemyi Shop

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